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What will they do the Houston Texans without JJ Watt?

It confirmed what the fans to the Houston Texans didn't know: JJ Watt will be lost throughout the season due to the injury in the back. The defensive lineman will have to undergo surgery to repair his upset and try to make recovery faster. However, the team got him to the injured list and we will have to wait until next season to see him play again.

Now, the Texans are in a dilemma. Their best player in all of the roster is out and they need someone to take their place and at least get to do it in a decent way. Two-time defensive of the year in laNFL left a huge gap and it is not known what to do in Houston.

In the depth chart who will take the place of Watt will be Devon Still and behind it is the veteran Antonio Smith. Still is famous for the fight against cancer that took out her daughter, Leah, but the Bengals playing on a different system. Meanwhile, Smith is a defensive wing of 34-year-old who in recent years has lowered level.

Therefore, the leadership will have to fall on Jadeveon Clowney. Logic dictated that it was in Brian Cushing, but it is also injured.

Clowney was a first overall pick in the Draft, 2014. Since then no has been able to highlight due to multiple injuries until this campaign. While their numbers aren't spectacular, this season has done so well. In three games he accumulated nine tackles, a Marshal shot and a batsman pass.

The expectations now are they were high, but with JJ injury increase. Former will have to demonstrate why the Texans chose him over players like Blake Bortles, Sammy Watkins and Odell Beckham Jr.

Therefore, Houston will have to lean on that player that, at some point, he was considered a 'monster' in the NCAA.
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