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Voters Catholic was inclined by Hillary Clinton

The candidate presidential Democrat Hillary Clinton Outpaces to his rival Republican Donald Trump among them voters U.S. that profess the faith Catholic, said today a new probe of it organization Catholics for Choice.

46 percent of likely Catholic voters favors the former first lady to win the election of November 8, against 40 percent who prefers the U.S. millionaire.

Between them Catholic, them voters Latino, them women and the young of the generation of the Millennium (1980-2000) show the greater support to Clinton.

A 63 percent of them Latino that are identifies as Catholic is inclined to vote by Clinton and only a 22 percent by Trump. However this leads to the former first lady with 13 points percentage among them Catholic white.

The dissemination of the survey coincides with the realization tomorrow of the first and only debate between the two vicepresidenciales candidates, Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence, both Catholics.

Kaine and Pence star in their meeting face to face in the University Longwood, in Virginia, one of them called "States fields of battle" that, according to experts, will define the outcome electoral.

Six of each 10 of them Catholic American said in the survey that them positions of the hierarchy of the Church Catholic not are a factor that considered for the selection of your favorite presidential.

A proportion similar of them Catholic not is feels obliged to follow the recommendations of them bishops to choose to your candidate or candidate.

He vote Catholic represents around the 25 per cent of the electorate U.S. and tends to vote in favor of the Democrats in the elections presidential.

"This new survey confirms what always have known: the Catholic are concerned with the justice social and the compassion, and not vote with them bishops", said the President of the Organization Jon or ' Brien.

The probe was made between thousand five adults Catholic registered to vote and has a margin of error of 3.2 points percentage.
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