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They are the deepest underwater cave in the world

A team of explorers discovered the deepest underwater cave in the world, at a depth of 404 meters under a crack of limestone in the Czech Republic.

Polish Explorer Krzysztof Starnawski, team leader, told U.S. News The Associated Press Agency yesterday Friday that she felt "like a Cristóbal Colón of the 21st century" to make the discovery near the Czech town of Hranice.

Starnawski, 48 years old, found on Thursday that the flooded Hranicka Propast, which has been explored by divers for decades, has at least 400 meters deep. He immersed himself to a narrow crack 200 meters deep and then sent a robot operated by remote control, which reached 404 meters - the length of your cable - without seeming to touch bottom.

In 2015, the own Starnawski passed through the crack and fell to a depth of 265 meters without bottoming. After that dive, Starnawski had to spend six hours in a decompression chamber.

Speaking by phone from his home in Krakow, in southern Poland, Starnawski said the discovery on Tuesday of the Hranice Propast the deepest underwater cave that is known, beating the Merro Pozzo, in Italy, by 12 meters.

The Czech Speleological Society said that he thinks that the cave is even deepest and will shed more records. When the robot was 404 meters deep "was all that reached their rope and still not touched bottom", said the company in a statement.

Dive in the cave is difficult, due to murky waters, at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) and a composition mineral water which damaged equipment and exposed skin, Starnawski said, and added: "But it is the only price for this discovery and worthwhile".

On Saturday, he plans to again dive 200 meters to resubmit the robot through the Strait. The device was created specifically for the expedition and is operated by the Polish firm GRALmarine.
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