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Russia suspends agreement with EU on disposal of plutonium

"Russia suspended today an agreement with the United States on the Elimination of the plutonium used in the manufacturing of weapons nuclear, due to them" actions hostile "of Washington", in the most recent signal of the worsening of the relations bilateral.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree which suspended the agreement of management and disposition of plutonium (PMDA) signed with the United States in the year 2000 for the conversion of 34 tons of military plutonium in nuclear fuel for peaceful use.

Russia attributed its decision to "it threatens to it stability strategic that represent them actions hostile to United States regard to Russia, as well as the inability of Washington of ensure the compliance of them obligations derived of the agreement".

"This means that Russia considered impossible follow fulfilling of form unilateral the clauses of this agreement", said the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, cited by the Agency Russian of news Sputnik.

In April last, Putin said that, to difference of Russia, United States no complies with its commitments to the destruction of the plutonium.

"We signed an agreement and agreed that that material would be destroyed of form industrial, for what had that build industries special." "We comply with those commitments and build those industries, while United States not it did", explained.

Through the agreement, Russia and United States is committed to eliminate each one at least 34 tons metric of plutonium of use military-quantity sufficient for the production of 17 thousand warheads nuclear-recycling this material in fuel for plants nuclear.

Plutonium for military use, unlike the uranium for military use, not may be mixed with other materials to disable it, but yes can be reprocessed in the mixed oxide MOX (mixed oxide of natural uranium, reprocessed uranium, or depleted uranium, and plutonium oxide) and thus used as a fuel to produce electricity.

In April last, an official of the Chancellery Russian accused to United States of misrepresent the agreement PMDA, since an annex subscribed in 2010 provides the burning of the fuel MOX in reactors, while them Americans claim the right to choose the method of reprocessing.

Regarding the suspension of the agreement on the destruction of plutonium for military use, the Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov stressed Monday that it is a "forced measure" and that Russia will be willing to return to the agreement if the United States fixes its political line.

The links between Moscow and Washington fell to their level more low from the Guerra cold when Russia is annexed Crimea of Ukraine in 2014 and supported to them separatist pro-Russian in the this of the territory Ukrainian.
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