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Obama disappointed by failure of Supreme Court on relief immigration

The Obama administration pleaded today disappointed of the rejection of the Supreme Court to reconsider the program of deferred action for childhood (DACA) arrivals and their adult DAPA version implemented by President Barack Obama.

"The Administration is disappointed that the Supreme Court has refused once again to the Justice Department request to hear this case," said presidential spokesman Josh Earnest, reacting to the decision, which the new Executive orders of the President will continue without implementing it.

Earnest said that although not there is an impact, "this is a weapon of double-edged", since the Administration will continue to pushing them priorities of control to concentrate their resources in the deportations of criminal and not of them families.

"Are focusing our efforts in who cross the border now, in which represent a threat to our security national, and with them criminals." "This decision disappointing from the Court Supreme does not affect to those priorities", said.

The decision of this Monday of the maximum Court about them actions Executive migratory of Obama took place after them judges them had maintained in suspense as a result of a tie judicial of 4-4 the last 23 of June.

The measures of the President sought to benefit to almost five million of undocumented, the majority Mexican.

He outcome of the case was seen by experts as a defeat for the political immigration of the President Barack Obama, that issued their actions Executive before the lack of action of the Congress to submit to vote end a reform immigration.

The extension of the program of deferred action for arrivals children (DACA) sought to benefit more than 300 thousand undocumented youth, as a complement to the original program that benefited from 2012 to about 700 thousand minors unauthorized immigration.

Its version for adults, DAPA, sought to benefit to more than four million of parents undocumented with children that were citizens Americans or resident legal permanent.

The two programs were challenged by 26 States led by Texas under the argument that the migratory executive actions of the President forced them to incur expenses for the obligation to issue identity documents to illegal immigrants.
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