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Clinton has picked up in polls and is waterproof Tycoon

Hillary Clinton was rewarded with a significant rebound from the hand of their remarkable performance in the first presidential debate, while his rival Donald Trump ran aground because of his dispute with a former Queen of beauty, according to surveys reported yesterday.

Trump had eliminated the advantage in polls of his Democratic rival, but the last average of polls by RealClearPolitics shows that Clinton now exceeds by three points: 43.8 to 40.9%.

The libertarian candidate Gary Johnson reaches 7.3%.

The results of polls nationally show that Clinton improves in several swing States, including the coveted Florida, Nevada, and New Hampshire, after the disputed debate on Monday, seen by 84 million Americans.

However, a Clinton victory in November's elections, is not assured.

Pollsters are still awaiting the verdict of voters undecided in Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, where Trump had scheduled a rally yesterday in the night.

The Democrats are conquering reinforcements, especially in Florida, a State that is a complicated field of battle with more than 20 million residents, and as a result, has a greater number of quotas in the electoral college. The term to register is to vote in this State expires in less than two weeks.

Both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who won in that State in the southeast of the country in 2008 and 2012, will travel there to try to attract voters next week.

In the days following the debate on Monday, Trump has raised controversy by his comments abusive on the former Queen of Venezuelan beauty Alicia Machado, once she increased weight after winning the Miss Universe Crown in 1996.

While he was campaigning in Florida on Friday, Clinton described Trump as "disturbed", when the Republican candidate attacking Machado with a series of 'tuis' vindictive.

In a 'Tweet', Trump called on voters to see a so-called "sex tape" Machado, giving a surreal twist to the race for the White House.

Real estate tycoon also received criticism after a movie porn will be shown soft Playboy in which he makes a brief appearance.

Trump appears on Playboy video, opening the door of a limousine that goes out several attractive models. Then he Uncorks a bottle of champagne and sparkling wine liquid falls on the famous Playboy Bunny logo.
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