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The immigrants are the character of United States: Obama

EU, Barack Obama, US President said today that "immigrants do not change the American character", but "the immigrants are the character of United States" and reiterated the need to fight against the rhetoric and the politics of hate.

During his speech to the 39 Gala of the Institute of the Caucus Hispano of the Congress (CHCI), which today celebrates the beginning of the Hispanic Heritage month in the country, Obama honored the EU immigrant origins.

"You came here for the same reasons that all them immigrants, for work, for achieve a life better." (...) Who's going to decide what the true American? Because unless you're a native American, came here from somewhere else", stressed.

The President thanked latinos more than two thousand attendees "his support and his work" for helping him in his years at the head of the White House and recalled that the intervention of this evening will be the last that do as President in this forum.

"It's hard to believe that eight years ago I came here as a candidate, and had white hair - she said amid laughter from the audience-. But today I am here to say thank you, thank you for your support, for your friendship, for their tireless efforts to help fulfill that promise (to make a better country) ", he confessed.

Between shouts of "Yes we can" and "We love you" from the public, Obama reviewed the achievements of his eight years in charge of the US Government, from the legalization of gay marriage, the resumption of relations with Cuba and the recovery of the economy for the tough economic crisis of 2008.
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