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It overcomes the fear he will say

Stay away from people who only know how to criticize and surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you.

There are many people who are lucky enough to take the criticism as motivation, or who simply go deaf to the comments.

When the need to feel accepted becomes a recurrent concern, we are faced with a problem.

Be aware that you may not like everyone, and that one is as valid as the others, can help to overcome it.

It is important to dare to be yourself and act as desired, accept and tolerate criticism, and learn how to express own opinions.

How to overcome it?

* Be aware that one is as valid as the others, and therefore opinions are also suitable. It is important to work internally to recover and enhance self-esteem, self-confidence, and personal safety.

* Admit that you cannot appeal to everyone or agree with all.

There is always someone who does not share what one decides or does, and can always have someone who does not like. Want to please all leads to depletion and waste and unnecessary wear.

* Accept and tolerate criticisms naturally. Rating them and learn from them when they are constructive, and dispose of them otherwise, as something foreign to one's own.

* Learn to discuss, give opinions and negotiate.

Many times behind the fear to say that hides a lack of assertiveness, an excessive shyness or lack of other social skills.

* Think of the reason why we do certain things.

Detect things that are being made only in order to please someone else or which of these are made because it is "what they expect the other one".

* Dare to be yourself and act like you want to.

It is important to be aware of who we are as we are and we have the right to show us as well.

Each person is a being unique, unique and special, and no one has the right to curtail that freedom.

* People tend to respect and more value to others when they are authentic and consistent with their beliefs and principles.

Do not hesitate to express what you feel and want.
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