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It concludes the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The face-off at Hofstra University, in Long Island New York, is the first that takes place between two candidates for President of the United States.
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The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, mentioned to Mexico in the first rase of their first presidential debate in order to guide the discussion towards firms fleeing the United States seeking lower costs in other countries. He cited also, secondly, to China. And he claimed to request the payment of the duties to the companies that move from the United States and then intend to sell their products in the country.

"When we sell to Mexico there is a tax when they sell to us not so." It is a faulty agreement. We have to stop to let us steal our jobs,"said Trump, who took the opportunity to again criticize the Treaty of free trade (NAFTA), the"worst Treaty which possibly has never been signed"and the"worst"for the US manufacturing industry. He also promised that if he reaches the White House will create a lot of jobs.

Clinton said having known to employees that Trump refused to pay for their services. "There are much big businesses that even once welcomed into bankruptcy, you have done it six times", insisted the Democrat, who quipped on if is that experience with which Trump intends to negotiate the country's national debt.

The attacks between the candidates began to feel how more or less subtle, when Clinton began by saying that his father was a small businessman who worked hard to get ahead (in contrast to Trump, who was already a wealthy Builder in New York). To becoming a much more direct, as when he accused him of having taken advantage of the crisis in 2008 or when he reproached him that, if airports and us facilities are no better, it is because people like he has forgotten to pay taxes or have paid less for a fiscal policy that benefits the rich.
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