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Donald Trump is not adult says Michelle Obama

The first lady of United States, Michelle Obama, charged yesterday harshly against the Republican aspirant to the White House, Donald Trump, who accused not be "adult" for using "false and dishonest" arguments to cast doubt on the validity of the certificate of birth of her husband Barack Obama.

"We need an adult in the White House. I guarantee them. When decisions on life or death or war or peace we cannot have a President who irrationally to burst,"said Michelle Obama during a campaign in Philadelphia, support democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The first lady remarked that the false arguments about the birth of the President outside the EU of Trump are "dishonest and hurtful questions deliberately designed to undermine the Presidency" of Obama, and the doubts held baseless by years "cannot be assigned to others or swept under the carpet in a liar phrase uttered at a press conference".

Since the Democratic National Convention in July, whose speech was one of the star, Michelle has been involved in the election campaign for the November elections and has participated in numerous acts of support to Clinton.
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