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Do not vote for Donald Trump: USA Today

The average USA Today broke the neutrality shown during 34 years of existence to ask not to vote for the Republican candidate.

"The Editorial Board has never taken part in the presidential race. We are doing it now", this is how it starts a publishing house presented this day by the average USA Today which breaks with 34 years of neutrality to ask, with a view to the presidential elections of November 8 in the United States, not to vote for the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

In a publication made this day under the title "'Trump is not suitable for the Presidency': Editorial Board of USA Today", the Middle explains that in the 34 years of its history, the Editorial Board had never taken party in the Presidency race opting to show the most important views and without trying to influence the decision of its readers.

"Since every presidential race is different, we will rectify this time our nonpolicy every four years. We have never seen any reason to alter our approach. Up to now,"said USA Today.

"This year, the choice is not between two capable candidates of the major parties. This year, one of the candidates, the Republican candidate Donald Trump, is, by unanimous consensus of the Editorial Board, unfit for the Presidency.

From the day that announced his candidacy for 15 months until the first presidential debate this week, Trump has shown repeatedly that lacks the temperament, knowledge, strength and honesty that the United States need their Presidents.

Either through indifference or ignorance, Trump has betrayed the fundamental commitments made by all Presidents since the end of the second world war. These commitments include the unwavering support for NATO allies, strong opposition to the aggression of Russia, and the absolute certainty of that United States will comply with their debts. Trump has been expressed a worrisome admiration for authoritarian leaders and the little regard for constitutional protections", he said.
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