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Clinton is healthy to govern

The democratic contender for the White House, Hillary Clinton, "is healthy and fit to be the President of the United States", said his doctor, Lisa Bardack, who submitted it to a detailed review of his health after being diagnosed with pneumonia last week, reported today campaign.

Dr. Bardack reported that he attended Hillary Clinton by a fever, congestion and fatigue process on September 2.

"In the test, are you detected a temperature of 37.44 ° C;" her vital signs were stable, as well as your medical examination", says the doctor in the letter published by the Democratic campaign.

The doctor explained that he prescribed antibiotics Clinton and rest, but trips conducted in the days following complicated his situation.

On September 9, Hitted returned to former Secretary of State and diagnosed with a mild non-contagious pneumonia, so he recommended bed rest.

"On Sunday, in the Act of commemoration of 9/11 was dehydrated and suffered a heat stroke, causing her to get dizzy," added the doctor.

With Babidi report the Clinton campaign aims to mitigate the suspicions raised by the heat and dehydration suffered dizziness also former first lady in New York, when it could scarcely hold itself to enter the vehicle carrying it.

After this episode, the campaign reported that the previous Friday had been diagnosed with pneumonia, something that was not made public until then.

The published data reveal that Clinton has a normal vital signs, as well as the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as have been made recently.

And Trump reveals in TV E l Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gave a summary of a recent physical examination page on a television program, but the campaign will not give details of what was revealed.

Trump was presented on "The Dr. Oz Show". The program airs on Thursday and the campaign declined to immediately reveal the results. Doctor Oz did a full review of its systems to Trump.
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