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Clinton and Trump virtually tied before the debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump become Presidential with a tied debate practically because according to surveys the the Democrat has 46% of voters while the Republican by 44%.

This could be a draw virtually since the figures show them almost at the same level the minimum 2% difference is what would give the advantage to Hillary who is the stronger candidate.

This taking into account other candidates by the libertarian party is Gary Johnson with 5% and Jill Stein with 1% of the Green Party, but if they only take into account two key Clinton continues with the advantage of 49% compared to 47% that give to Trump.

The small advantage of the Democratic candidate over the Republican among likely voters is within 4.5 percentage points, that is the margin of error of the poll, between 19 and 22 September with a sample of 1,001 adults interviewed by telephone.

In the previous national survey of The Washington Post and ABC, made in early September, Clinton exceeded Trump by 5 percentage points among likely voters, an advantage that in August, following the momentum of the Democratic Convention, was 7 points.
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