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Alicia Machado factor hurting Donald Trump

When in 1996 Donald Trump publicly humiliated the Miss Universo Alicia Machado and he described it as "pig" by having gained weight, never thought that his words and she would finally be a cunning political trap against.

Twenty years after these criticisms and when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the midst of a closed campaign for the Presidency, Alicia Machado and its history are a political shadow that confirms the worst versions on sexism and the nature of the employer.

The name of Machado was invoked the Monday night during the first debate between U.S. presidential candidates when the Democrat Hillary Clinton used it as an example of the way of being of the applicant. And according to The Washington Post, Trump entered only into the trap.

"Trump could have ignored the question and gone ahead, but he insisted," he said on Wednesday the newspaper, to consign that Trump not only responded during the debate, but the next day continued with negative comments regarding Machado.

"It was the worst thing that we ever had. The worst. The absolutely worst. It was impossible,"Trump told the Fox network. "It was the winner and massively increased weight and was a real problem," cited the journal.

It was a mistake. A serious error.

20 years Trump called it as "Miss Piggy" (pig) and "Miss Housekeeping". Today, according to a Tweet sent by Machado when he swore to the U.S., "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping" citizenship "can vote".

In fact, according to The Washington Post, Clinton advertising operators worked with Machado for months.

"They had a video of its history ready for show." (Magazine) Cosmopolitan had list a selection of pictures of her wrapped in the American flag, to go with a profile. Machado also had given an interview with The Guardian that was "apparently embargoed for publication after the debate," according to Vox. And the group "super PAC" Priorities USA, favorable to Clinton, had a digital ad to highlight the insults in the afternoon.

All that was missing was that Trump bite the bait.

It did, and the press U.S., same thing for shows like Entertainment Weekly that traditionally policy such as The Washington Post or Los Angeles Times, CNN and Fox (and of course Univision and Telemundo) television stations and even The NewYorker speak of the affaire Machado and misogyny of Trump.

"The choice of Machado (as an example) helps to remind latinos because they rejected to Trump much before the start to talk that Mexico sends 'rapists' across the border and the need for a wall," said the publication's internet Business Insider.

Actress of telenovelas, exmiss universe and for few months U.S. citizen, Machado was born in Venezuela and did much of his career in Mexico, which multiplies its impact now, when he talks about emotions provoked by the attacks of Trump, then brand new owner of the Miss Universe company.

"I cried when Hillary defended me on Monday," said Machado, who claimed to have seen the debate in the company of her mother and her daughter. But the issue is now malware on social networks, Latino and female.

In fact, according to Mark Halperin, a democratic political analyst, Clinton strategists "still can't believe the political opportunity" is achieved, above all because it reminds women and latinos in general opinion and treatment sponsored by Trump.
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